How to Begin a Facial Roller Routine


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They sound a bit like magic wands, and indeed the results can seem miraculous. Beauty rollers smooth skin, increase blood circulation and provide good vibes that are beyond skin deep. Facial massages have long been used to improve skin tone and reduce swelling, and rollers simply let you self-administer that healing touch.

Here’s everything you need to know about rolling out a routine that can be done daily or whenever you need to cast a restorative spell.

About Facial Rollers

Facial massagers—traditionally made with precious, healing crystals—smooth away facial tension and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with regular use. Equipped with one large and one small stone, facial rollers stimulate healthy blood circulation using a sequence of easy movements all over the face.

These facial rollers are commonly made from green jade—the stone of purity and tranquility—which is known to increase love and attract good luck (it is associated with your heart chakra). Physically, jade balances the fluid within the body, calms the nervous system and smoothes skin.

Blue sodalite enhances emotional self-esteem while physically, it balances the metabolism and boosts the immune system. Similarly, black obsidian has the most potent healing energies of fire, water and earth. It brings imbalances to the surface so that they can be released instead of left to degrade your muscle tissue.

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Though they are the most common, not all beauty massagers have the two-stone shape. Take Nurse Jamie’s hexagonal wand with 24 massaging stones—she created this tool to replicate the techniques used in her signature facial, which imbues the skin with youthful energy and radiance.

Likewise, Skin Gym hand-carved massage wands take an unusual shape, but work incredibly well to firm your fragile complexion. Using healing crystals like rose quartz, the massage tool will help you attract positive energy and encourage self-love.

How to Use One

Facial massagers are easy to use and easy to transport. Use alone or with your favorite skin care, like an oil (we recommend Kiehl’s Since 1851 Daily Reviving Concentrate to restore radiance). Once you’ve lightly moisturized your skin, gently glide the roller over the contours of the face, like so:

  • For the neck and jawline: use the large end of your beauty roller and starting at the center of your neck, move outward. Then use along the chin, sliding outward again on the jawline toward the ear.
  • For the mouth and nose: start at the outside corner of the mouth, sliding out toward the ear. Then using the small side, roll upward, along either side of the nose to drain.
  • For the eye area: also using the small side of the roller, side outward, underneath the eye and up toward the temple.
  • For the forehead: with the large end, starting between the brows, roll upward on the forehead, toward the hairline and repeat until you’ve massaged the full area.
  • Repeat all movements on both sides of the face and neck.

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Targeted Eye Treatments

Though traditional rollers do make it possible to reach the delicate area under the eye (that’s what the smaller stone is for), there are tools targeted for this fragile skin, which requires special care. The FOREO IRIS uses automated movements to increase the absorption—and therefore, effectiveness—of your eye creams, serums and masks by eliminating the need to drag the sensitive skin around the eye. Apply your eye cream normally to the skin underneath the eye. Place the tip of the device on the eye contour, moving outward from the center of the face, for about 30 seconds. As you move the wand, the device taps side to side, gently pressing the product into the skin for increased benefits.

For more relief and to further decrease swelling, store your eye treatments (including creams, serums and masks) in the refrigerator prior to use. Chilled or not, this eye treatment will perk you up.

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