Moon Juice Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Morning Routine


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Amanda Chantal Bacon’s purpose in life is to make things taste as delicious as possible. The classically trained chef turned cosmic wellness guru began her career creating decadent, pleasing things to feed others when she decided to pivot, slightly: “I combined this culinary education with another part of my life that was equally informative—this deep, holistic health,” Bacon says.

She created Moon Juice in 2011 and became a pioneer of wellness thanks to her plant-based, adaptogenic health foods. The goal of Moon Juice, says the founder, was always to educate people about their bodies: “I drew from my personal journey of having an autoimmune disorder and what I learned my body needed to heal and protect itself against stress. It didn’t include foods that took me down.”

Anyone seeking a cure for what ails them—be it a sleep disorder, the flu or acne—can do so by visiting any of Bacon’s three Los Angeles-based apothecaries. There, her Moon family of alchemists offer organic pressed juices, Moon Milks, Moon Dusts, tonics and other cosmic provisions to patrons seeking daily nourishment, beauty foods and high-powered natural remedies. “A combination of fine dining and freaky health,” the chef says, endearingly.

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Nowadays, Bacon spends most of her time behind the scenes, concocting recipes and researching holistic remedies for her customers. She shares these insights online and in her cookbooks, the second of which, she tells me, is currently in the works. “We want to share these recipes with everyone—with other cafés, people in their homes—so we can all just keep going, keep seeking personal wellness.”

Though there is no such thing as a typical day at the office for Bacon, we did want to know more about how she incorporates self-care into her day-to-day. Ahead of her visit to Nordstrom’s Seattle flagship, we spoke with the Moon Juice creator about her morning routine and what measures she takes to achieve beauty, wellness and longevity.

Amanda Chantal Bacon

The alarm goes off in the morning—what time is it?

6:45 or 7am. And I am not a morning person, so it is painful.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

See my son’s face, or my husband’s face—right in my face! (Haha!) It really is a lovely greeting first thing in the morning. Then I’ll check my phone, which I wish wasn’t the case, but as a business owner I can’t help myself from checking in first thing to make sure nothing burned down during the night.

Coffee, tea, Moon Milk?

Tonic! I make one that is a combination of hot water, Sex Dust, Spirit Dust and tocotrienols. I make a really big batch and take it to go.

What’s your go-to breakfast?

On weekdays, I try to leave 16 hours between eating my last meal and eating my next meal. It’s usually as simple as being done with dinner between 7pm and 8pm, and not having breakfast or lunch until 11am or noon. The tonic really helps!

Moon Juice Spirit Dust

What’s your morning wellness habit?

We have a little meditation room off of our bedroom, so my husband will slip in and meditate while I’m helping our son get dressed and ready for the day. Once they head off for school, I will meditate, which can be a challenge for me sometimes. It’s difficult to put the phone down and not allow yourself to be distracted by anything else.

Morning beauty routine?

I’ve actually been formulating skin care for the last year, so I am forever testing cleansers and sunscreens and using nothing but lab samples. I don’t actually wash my face in the morning—just rinse—and then I follow with a serum and a moisturizer with SPF, and I’m out the door. Easy!

If I do decide to wear makeup, just a simple swipe of mascara and a lip-cheek product. I love RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek.

What’s the most important step in your morning routine that you absolutely cannot skip, even if you’re running late?

That tonic! I know if I don’t have that, I’m not going to feel as good. I also know that—with the tocotrienols and there’s some cacao and maca in it—it tastes really good, so it’s a pleasure point for me as well and helps me stave off sweet cravings.

I guess brushing my teeth is up there as well…

Moon Juice Sex Dust

Current favorite Moon Juice product?

I am a die-hard Sex Dust fan. When people first start using it, they treat it like a special, magic potion that lives in their kitchen and they’ll bring it out for special occasions. Then they realize how great and energetic they feel on it, so people will then adopt it and use it as a daily lifestyle tool.

In the West, we think of coffee being stimulating—coffee, Red Bull, sugar—but you really can get a deeper, sustainable energy source by using some specific adaptogens to balance your endocrine system, your hormones and your energy levels. And from that place, your body will be able to pump out its own healthy energy. I mean, Sex Dust is great for the libido—in both men and women—but it really is a whole care package.

What are adaptogens, exactly?

Being adaptogenic means that the product uses plants that go into the body to help you find your own homeostasis while also providing your body nourishment.

What’s a wellness myth that you’d like to debunk?

Weight loss is about so much more than your calorie intake and it has everything to do with decreasing stress chemistry. By working out too much, or by decreasing your calories throughout the day, you have elevated your stress chemistry, which will impact your hormones and keep you from losing weight.

The same principle applies to aging, which is biological more than it is chronological. I look at myself and see times in my early twenties when my body felt older, and I looked older. Based on the blood and hormone panels that I get done often, biologically I was older than I am now in my mid-thirties. Exercise and diet actually inform what your hormone profile looks like, which then will design your body. So nourish yourself, get proper sleep and don’t stress your body by forcing it to work out five days a week. Counterintuitive, I know.

And what’s the one thing about wellness that you wish more people knew?

Self-care can sometimes sound a little precious—and a waste of time and frivolous and selfish—but I find it a much easier, more pleasant route to feeling and looking good. The more people learn about wellness, I hope it allows them to make these forgiving lifestyle choices and prioritize themselves.

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